For decades protein bar companies lied directly to your face about how their product has great-taste. The masses have been conditioned to accept and expect bad taste as a tradeoff for great nutrition. Those days are over…

World-renowned Chef Robert Irvine and FortiFX™ founder/ industry pioneer Sean Perich teamed up to create a protein bar that provided real great-taste and nutrition. These two industry leaders pushed one another to create a product worthy of their reputations and beyond your expectations: FIT CRUNCH™ Baked Bars were born, the only 6-layer baked bars on the planet.

Each bar delivers the highest quality protein blend, starting with Whey Protein Isolate. With low sugar, FIT CRUNCH™ Baked Bars eliminate the sugar spike while making it easy to stay on track with your fitness goals.

People usually try a protein bar and say, “That’s good for a protein bar.” With FIT CRUNCH™ Baked Bars, people take one bite and after being speechless for a few seconds they say, “This doesn’t taste like a protein bar.” The baking technology provided by Sean Perich and the gourmet inspired taste of Chef Robert Irvine, is what sets FIT CRUNCH™ Baked Bars apart from the rest.

A lifelong body builder as well as the acclaimed culinary expert who is famous for bringing great taste to nutritious foods, Chef Robert Irvine said this about the bar: “As good as anything I’ve ever made.”

FIT CRUNCH™ Baked Bars have redefined the protein bar experience by crafting a great tasting healthy solution for fitness motivated individuals looking to reach their potential.

Our Mission

To redefine the protein bar experience by crafting a great tasting, healthy solution for fitness motivated individuals who want to reach their potential.

Our Product


This kind of inspired nutrition can only come from the team of Chef Robert Irvine and FortiFX. Delicious nutrition that will give you the mental and physical edge to optimize your workout. Buy now, so you can enjoy later!


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, ask us using our contact page.

Q:  How are these different from the original FORTIFX bars?

A:  The original FortiFX bars were our delicious triple-layer baked bars, not completely dissimilar from the new Fit Crunch bars. When industry pioneer and founder of FortiFX, Sean Perich, met Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine they decided to take the original bars to a new level with taste and texture. Fit Crunch offers six delicious layers with a variety of textures – not only a soft cookie core but a layer of cream and a crunch on top! **Please note that the nutritional profile (and ingredients) of FortiFX triple-layer bars is slightly different from Fit Crunch.**

Q:  What is the difference between the 15g and 30g bars?

A:  The bars are manufactured using the same ingredients and process. The only difference is the serving size. The smaller bar is 48 grams in total weight boasting 15 grams of protein - and contain about half of the nutritional content of the 30g version. For a complete product description go to http://www.fitcrunchbars.com/shop/peanut-butter/.

Q:  Why is a baked bar better?

A:  All other high protein energy bars are manufactured on technologically inferior “Cold Form Extrusion” or “Cold Slab-and-Slit” equipment which has remained relatively unchanged for the past 25 years. A comparison is simply unfair; our baked products have a far superior taste, softer texture, and much better shelf life. Our proprietary baking process enables us to produce a great tasting, high protein, soft-batch energy bars the same way Grandma used to make her homemade cookies.

Q:  What is the shelf life of the bars?

A:  The bars offer an 18 month shelf life. Store in a cool, dry place at or below 70 degrees F to assure shelf life.

Q:  Where else can I buy the bars?

A:  You can buy our bars online at FitCrunchBars.com or at a variety of other national retailers and gyms as well as online. You can also purchase our bars through participating partners internationally. For complete list, go to http://www.fitcrunchbars.com/shop/